Dear visitors of the official site of Akimat of Zhangalinsky district!

Karagoishin N

I am sincerely glad to greet you on behalf of the residents of the district, on my own behalf on the official WEB site of the local state administration of Zhangalinsky district.

The Zhangalinsky District is known far beyond the West Kazakhstan region as one of the largest livestock regions of the republic.

In the district are breeding tribal sheep Edulbaevskaya breed and pedigree horses Kushumskaya breed, as well as cattle and camels.

Zhangalinsky region is the homeland of the heroes of war and labor, scientists and enlighteners, great composers, Kuyushas and Dombrists, outstanding figures of arts and public figures. Zhangalinsky district is the homeland of the great kuyshs of D. Nurpeysova, K. Sagirbaev, K. Zhantleuov, Mamena, O. Kabigozhin, composer Sh.Kazhgaliyev, fighters for the freedom of the Kazakh people I.Taimanov and M.Utemisov. The creation of our own WEB-site is the first step towards the implementation of "e-government", designed to improve the effectiveness of government agencies.

Speaking with the annual Message to the people of Kazakhstan, "New Kazakhstan in a New World" President Nazarbaev noted: "It is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the results of the work on the creation of "e-government" and with this in mind, continue the introduction of modern information technologies, relying on the experience of the world's leading countries.

I think that the opening of the official site of the akimat on the Internet will fully contribute to the establishment of proper cooperation and interaction of local government with the population, will speed up and improve the information exchange process, will allow every visitor to the site to get information about the district's history, socio- to interrelate on the issues of interest, as well as to make their proposals on the decisions taken.

I am sure that the functioning of the official site of the akimat will serve the progressive development of the district, taking into account the opinions of the majority of the population. We are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation with you for the benefit of the prosperity of the West Kazakhstan region and the entire independent Kazakhstan!


Welcome to our site!

Yours faithfully,

Akim of Zhangalinsky district

Karagoyshin Nauryzbay Kadyrbayevich